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Hooters Are Facing New Fantasy Sports Betting Challenge

03.09.2015 | Antoan Tok

The popular fast food chain Hooters is entering the sports betting world. Since the only sports element of the chain are the extra sport bodies of the chain`s girl, at first the betting will be fully focused on fantasy sports yet.

For this reason Hooters are collaborating with the best fantasy sports betting operator DraftKings. Together, they have a brand new challenge for the fans and it is a matter of few weeks only for people to see it. September will be by all means Hooters and sports betting month and Drafkings ask all of you to join their event and to beat ESPN analyst Jon Gruden in weekly match ups for the 2015 NFL season. Personally, we are quite curious about what both companies can come up together and this challenge will be by all means full of fantasies, sports and probably wet dreams, too...

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