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Ladbrokes took 50,000 bets on the name of the Royal Baby

28.12.2014 | Antoan Tok

At last the royal baby is here, but the bets don’t end. Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton announced the birth of their son, but they haven’t choosen a name for the royal baby boy. This means that the bets will continue.

One of the biggest online bookmakers in the U.K. confirmed that they have taken approximately 50,000 bets on the name of Kate and Williams newborn son.

Most of the early bets were coming in on the girl name Alexandra, however, it is a boy and the name of the royal baby won’t be Alexandra. How about Alexander?!

Alex Donohue, spokesman of Ladbrokes, said the public had rushed to put small amounts, such as a pound, on the baby’s name as to "want to be involved."

Donohue also said never to underestimate the British public's obsession with the royal family. And he is absolutely right.The whole world was inpatient to welcome Kate and Williams firstborn.

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