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Mohegan Sun is Taking an Online Casino Course To South Korea

03.07.2015 | Antoan Tok

Mohegan Sun – the well-known and popular in the online gambling sphere Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority (MTGA) – is heading to conquer South Korean market. The plans that MTGA has drawn for the next few months is to make resort casino in the region with a massive idea to present a modern and stylish way to play gambling games.

What is interesting about Mohegan Sun project is that it is already named. The casino resort in South Korea will be called Inspire Integrated Resort and according to the latest rumours as to it, it will be linked with the local airport transit tour program. The plans are the resorts to meet at least 20k visitors per year and to make them stay for longer, as well as to motivate them with different promotions and stimuli to come back again.

The expectations predict MTGA to open the casino resort in South Korea at least in 2020 year. However, the big gambling company is, though, hoping, that the conception will be ready and realized even earlier. We are all expecting this massive project and we are sure it will be impressive!

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