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‘Winning’ from the lottery

How would you feel if you buy a ticket for the lottery and it turns out that it is a winning ticket, but the company that have organized the lottery rejects to pay you the whole price just because the ticket was registered seven seconds after the deadline hour? Well, this is exactly the case with Joel Ifergan, an accountant, living in Canada.

In 2008, on 23 May, which was the last day for buying a lottery ticket, Ifergan entered into a store to do it. The clerk, who was working in the store told him that he needed to hurry if he wanted the tickets, because the deadline was 9 p.m.

Joel bought two tickets. The first one was registered in the system at 8.59 p.m., and the second one was registered seven seconds after nine o’clock, unfortunately it turned out that it was the winning ticket after that. The clerk told this to Joel and asked him if he still wanted the tickets when only the first one was in-time according to the system, but Joel said he would take them both.

When the results from the lottery were finally known, Loto-Quebec refused to pay the whole amount for the prize due to the reason of the delayed registration. When the money was split between two winners, Ifergan went before the court to sue Loto-Quebec.

The case was had been reviewed by the Canadian court. The battle was not an easy one and it continued for seven years until the final decision of the court was announced this January. Unfortunately for Ifergan, his claim was rejected by the court.

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