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15 Million Dollars Invested In Pie Face

Pie Face is an American subsidiary of an Australian bakery-café chain, which is famous with its meat pot pies. Now, Steve Wynn has bought a piece of it for 15 million dollars. He acquired 43 percent of Pie Face` s shares and he will have to appoint two of the five company directors. The deal has nothing in common with his gaming company Wynn Resorts Ltd, and is his personal investment. This investment will help the company to make its expansion in the USA, and especially in New York City.

There are discussions coming about the locations, because they have not been announced yet. In January, the first one opened and according to the plan, three more locations will open until the end of the year, and they will be in New York City. The future plan is to expand them to fifteen.

It is interesting if Wynn has tried one of the famous meat pies, because he has been to the New York City location, but he is also a dedicated vegan.

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