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A New Headquarters Is Being Built By Shuffle Master

Shuffle Master paid $2.2 million to build a new headquarters and also manufacturing office in Las Vegas located on nine-acre site. The plan is to build 110,000 square feet of new offices in the southern part of the valley, which will bring at one location gaming equipment, services and employees.

The new construction should begin in the summer and be completed in the fall of 2013.

The Chief Executive Officer of Shuffle Master, Gavin Isaacs said that considering the real estate cost, the timing for building the new headquarters is right. According to him Las Vegas continues to be the ‘intellectual hub’ of the poker gaming industry.

When the company first moved to its current location, it generated $27 million in annual revenues, and it only had just two product lines. When you take a look at the present annual revenues, they are 10 times higher, offering five product categories.

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