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An Ordinary Betfred Customer Does Inordinary Things

Popular sports betting website are specific for the fact that they accommodate all kinds of people – even weird ones. This is the case that has recently hit Betfred broker. The well-known sports operator has a story with the police, where, of course, a punter was involved.

The story began with the fact that the punter had won a significant amount of money at the so-special Manchester Evening news. The prize made the customer so happy that he left a significant tip of 60 GBP to one of the staff that handles Betfred shop. But few weeks later the same punter from Betfred returned to the store with the demand to be given the tip back. Of course, the staff from Betfred shop was not considering to restore the generous client`s tip and then, the problem began...He explained that his bad luck had returned him back to a looser situation and he really needed the money back. After several minutes of polite avoidance of the subject, as well as few quarrels and argues, the team from Betfred store was made to call the police.

Eventually, the scandal grew so much that punter`s bad luck has almost taken him to jail...

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