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Aston Villa With Two New Sports Betting Website Partners

Sports betting website always needs a good partner that will not be a sponsor only, but also a good advertising channel. And the big abundance of so many online sports bookmakers makes it difficult for each among them to beat the competition. So choosing a renewable sports sponsor is a must. Two of the leading sports betting website have succeeded to attract the attention of one of the most profitable and famous English FC.

Aston Villa is about to become a partner not for a single, but for two popular sports betting websites – Betfair and Bet365. Thus, the three leading companies in their spheres will remain on the leading positions in their niche. According to the contract they have signed, the partnership for Aston Villa with Betfair and Bet365 begins today, at 1st of July and it will be entirely linked to the newest EPL season. Aston Villa football team promised that both sports betting companies will have equal, but not the same, exclusive single rights. Last, but not least, Betfair and Bet365 logos and events will be displayed at the Aston Villa LED screens and many other benefits will promote the two sports pages.

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