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Australian woman accidentally wins the lottery twice

A woman from Melbourne, Australia, woman accidentally bought two tickets for the TattsLotto draw on Saturday night. This was a real lucky accident because, she won two division-one prizes.

Each one entry netted the lucky lady a division-one prize worth the amazing $413,810.74. After adding several other division prizes, the cumulative winnings came to $835,149.68.

On Monday the woman received a phone call from Tatts and first she thought that this is a joke.

This lady buys a ticket for the TattsLotto every week. Last week she forgot that she had already bought one ticket for the weekend and she went to another shop to buy another, second one. She plays every time with the same numbers, which are family birthdays. The lucky woman doesn't make plans to stop working. She had already allot a big chunk of her prize to pay off her home.

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