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There are certain baccarat tipsthat will help the baccarat players, who follow them, make the casino edge less and make their game experience more pleasant. As you know, baccarat is a simple game and there aren't many strategies around. Therefore our casino experts recommend the following helful tips to all the players who would like to play baccarat no matter if it is online or in a land-based casino.

1. Choose a table with fewest decks possible!

Most of the casinos use from 6 to 8 decks, so the best choice is a table with 6 decks of cards,  but still you should always keep an eye for a table with less decks than 6.

2. Look for low commission tables!

The commission for betting on banker is usually 5% but some casinos offer lower commission rate. The lower the commission, the better for your bankroll.

3. Bet on banker and do not bet on tie!

It is recommended that players bet on banker no matter that they need to pay commission (usually 5%). Although the high odds of winning (1:8) betting on tie is not recommended because the house edge is 15.75% .As you see, our tips are a few and simple but they will be very useful to you because they will keep you away from these general mistakes which baccarat players ofter make.

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