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BetFred With Record Turnover Numbers

Annual reports for turnover made by the best and the most leading casino and sports betting operators are always signs either of success, or of a recent surprising drop. The surprise came with the annual BetFred report, as well, but it was more of a positive surprise.

As a matter of fact, the Betfron in betting turnover is a little bit shocking, because it reached an amount of £13.3 billion. Meanwhile, £1.9 billion is the amount for all the digital operations made through and by BetFred during the last few18 months. The fact that the annual report covers not 12, but 18 months, is due to the fact that BetFred has changed its date of fiscal year after some huge reorganizations in the UK-based company.

We remind you that currently BetFred has more than 1200 retail shoppers spread all over the world, but not only in Great Britain. Some experts believe that the strong reputation that refers to the BetFred betting niche is not the only reason why the company gains such a brilliant profit. The number of retail shops usually brings at least 1/3 of the overall turnover amount we have mentioned above.

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