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The bingo rules are simple, however, the game can be played either in bingo halls or online and the rules that are applied may be different in the different places. The particular payouts and rules which are applied in a particular location may be found on leaflets and brochures, or in case it is an online bingo hall - the rules should be clearly stated on the website of the brand you have chosen. Generally, all the players who would like to participate in a game of bingo need to buy bingo cards which have numbers from 1 to 90 on them (American Bingo is played with numbers from 1 to 75).

Each bingo card contains 24 numbers and a blank square, situated on a 5 by 5 grid. When the game starts, random numbers are drawn and whoever of the players participating in the game completes a bingo pattern first, wins the prize (a line with five numbers in diagonal, horizontal or vertical row). The numbers on the cards are randomly assigned to the squares on the card. Each player may choose the bingo cards he would like to buy. Every card is unique and there are series of 6000 and even 9000 unique cards available. In other words, there is no way two players to have identical cards.

When the bingo game starts, the players are not allowed to buy any more cards until the end of the game. During the bingo game random numbers are drawn and announced by the caller. After a number is announced, every player needs to check his bingo card/s for the announced number and if he has it on one or more of his cards - he needs to mark it accurately on the cards where the number is present. This is done until one or more players claim BINGO. Then the game stops, the numbers are verified and the prize is given to the winner.

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