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Bingo Tournaments in June from Bingocams

Summer has just about arrived in the UK, so people are feeling happy and ready to try their hand at free online bingo. Whether you’re a season veteran of the game, or just starting up, there are two bingo tournaments coming to Bingocams at the end of the month to spark up some competition in all of the players.

Newbie Jackpot – £500
Sunday 30th June
5pm – 6pm

The first is the Newbie Jackpot, intended for all the players that are just beginning their Bingocams experience. The guaranteed jackpot is five-hundred pounds, and there is another two-hundred and forty to be won in cash prizes across twelve rounds. Entry is free, although a £10 deposit or more is required of players at some point in June. If you’re already a Bingocams newbie but you haven’t made a deposit yet, it’s not too late! Deposits can be made at any time in the month.

Free Depositors Jackpot – £1400
Sunday 30th June
6pm – 7pm

This tournament is aimed towards the existing and loyal Bingocams players. It requires a deposit of £50 being made at some point in June (if you still wish to do this, it’s not too late), and offers some HUGE free cash prizes, if you win. The guaranteed jackpot for this game is five-hundred pounds and there is an extra nine-hundred to be won across the twelve rounds. That’s considerably more than the Newbie Jackpot.

Why is Bingocams different?

Something people can’t help but think is ‘what makes this bingo site better, or any different to the others?’ This is an understandable thing to wonder as, essentially, bingo can’t change much. It still has to be bingo. The difference is in the additional features companies add to the gameplay, and the incentives that they give to encourage you to pick them.

Bingocams offers a free five pounds on signup, and will increase the original deposit by 300%, meaning you can do much more than doubling your money.

In terms of gameplay features Bingocams is really unique. It offers players the opportunity to use webcam chat while playing. Meaning the community can see and hear each other, rather than just chatting on the keyboard. The effect of this means it’s a really friendly place to play that makes the player feel safe, knowing that everyone playing is a real and genuine bingo player like them.

If you’re interested but still not sure, go and visit www.bingocams.com and see the webcam clips of the latest bingo winners (Props to the foil robot who just won £30).

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