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Bingo3X Gives Away £1,111 in Zodiac-based Game

Bingo3X is a comparatively new online bingo site, because it has been around for only a year, but we indisputably can say that the site is very popular. Players spend a lot of time at Bingo3X because it has something different. This month’s promotion proves it. Bingo3X is giving away £1,111 in a special Zodiac-based game. The online bingo site is also giving away free tickets to its Jackpot game.

The Zodiac Bingo game is slated for Monday, July 22nd, and it is giving away £1,111 to the five winners.

And since the promotion is about a Zodiac-based game, players, who are born in July, already fall on the luckier side. Players with birthdays in July can claim 10 free tickets to this game.

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