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Bitcoin Dice Game Explained

Among the most prominent games online, the bitcoin dice game is regarded as one of the most lucrative online games.  The game has simple and straightforward rules that a player can be able to follow. The record win for the bitcoin dice game was in 2016 when 250 bitcoins were won in a single dice roll.

To maximize the wins, some of the strategies a player needs to have. The strategies are similar to the traditional dice game, with the same dice rolls as in the classic dice game. The focus is primarily on the players' staking plans, whether they place their wager on the high or low dice rolls.

To apply the strategies properly, a player needs to understand the game first. In the bitcoin dice game, a player is required to choose a number between 1 and 100. After that, the player will place a wager on whether the bet is placed above that number. The higher the chances of winning more on the bet, the lower the chances of predicting the bet correctly.

Here are essential details of some of the crucial strategies you must apply while playing the bitcoin dice game and contesting their fate in the game.

Martingale Strategy

Martingale strategy was invented in France in the 18th century and is still applied in the bitcoin dice game up to date. In this strategy, a player must double their wager once they suffer a loss until they win. If a player happens to win, they get back all the coins invested until the win. The player must now play their initial bet after they win in a new betting cycle once more.

However, this strategy has its pros and cons. On the advantage side, the game rules are easy to follow, and players can follow simply. There are no fast and hard rules on the number of coins that the players can place in a particular wager. The strategy is the ideal one for players who want a short term profit.

On the negative side, although the player has the liberty to choose the number of coins to place in any wager, this number of coins only sets a limit to the players that they cannot double their chance to ensure their win. The strategy ensures that you do not place a bet more than what you can afford to lose.

There is some similarity between the break-even and the original martingale strategy. The only difference is the staking process that slows down the rate of stake increments. Then there is the inverse martingale. Here, the player increases their stakes when on a winning streak rather than on a losing streak.

D'Alembert Strategy

D'Alembert Strategy is different from the martingale strategy as it takes a more cautious approach. In this type of plan, a player raises a bet each type he loses and lowering the wager once a player wins a bitcoin dice roll. However, the chances of a player regaining the losses with one winning hand rely on the number of rolls the player had before winning.

However, just like any type of betting, this strategy has its pros and cons. On the positive side, it is less risky compared to the martingale approach. It follows a more structured system of betting than can be implanted in the game. There are low chances of players regaining all the money invested in any game in a single round on the negative side. In most cases, it becomes difficult for players to recover all the losses incurred.

The Paroli Strategy

In parole strategy, a player begins by placing a wager of his own choice. If the bet succeeds, the player can double his stake in the next rolls until he incurs some losses. If the winning streak continues and has already won big, he will have to temper his bet in that case. The strategy focuses on the lucky wins making it safer than the other two approaches.

This strategy's disadvantage is that you need to be on the winning streaks to enjoy significant returns. The only tricky thing to maintain is the winning streak because they hardly last long.

Essential tips to consider while playing bitcoin dice game

When you cannot afford to lose any longer, stop immediately. As a player, know how to control your budget before you begin to play and when you have had enough winnings. It is essential to manage the number of times you place your wager because, in betting, all your hard-earned fortunes can vanish in a few seconds.

In conclusion, bitcoin dice games are fun to play, but there should be a lot of self-control when playing the game. The above strategies do not guarantee you sure winnings; it only enhances your chance of winning.

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