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Botemania and TitanBet With New Sponsorship Contracts!

The season for new sponsorship deals has been opened and many sports bookmakers are now hunting for good contracts to sign.

TitanBet and Botemania seem to be on the right way, because the sponsorship news about them is quite good. First of all, let`s consider the exclusive deal that Botemania are about to sign. The British bookmaker has mentioned that its new partner might become the Spanish grand football team of Barcelona. If this is as true as it sounds, Botemania are by all means expecting many new funds to raise their campaigns. Meanwhile, TitanBet are now negotiating with the football team of Sheffield. This is not a bad deal, either, and according to the latest rumours the contract should be finely revised and then signed during this week.

We will update you as soon as this happens, guys!

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