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Brazil"s President Makes Sports Betting 100% Legal

Currenlty, betting in Brazil with in sports has been not exactly legal and not fully safe. However, this is about to change, because the president of the Country – Dilma Rouseff is about to make Brazilian sports betting market 100% legal and quite more protected for both, the bookmakers and the players, as well. Rouseff has voted for the legislation of all the authorised sports operators. And the deed is not only made to support the betting field in the country, but also to support and boost the national professional football teams. As a result of this, Dilma Rouseff has even decided 2 new lotteries to be established. They are with national base and one of them is going to be the country’s first legal fixed-odds sports betting products. Even though not of the primary Rouseff`s plans and suggestions were voted, most of the clauses in the act she wanted will be filled in legally.

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