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Bruce Won The Intertops Casino $84,336 Jackpot

Who is Bruce? Bruce K. is an ordinary man, who owns a business in California but at present he is working in Dubai and his wife stays at home and manages the business. And this completely ordinary man just won $85K playing Caribbean Stud. For those who do not play Caribbean Stud Poker, that is a casino card game like Five Card Stud but with a ldifference - the players on the table are playing against the house and not against themselves.

So Bruce K. is the lucky Intertops Casino jackpot winner. What is he planing to do with his windfall? Well, first of all Bruce is going to take his wife on a deserved holiday and relax. Than there are some pending bills that must be paid off. And at the end he and his wife are planing to invest the remaining money in his Californian business.

Congratulations lucky Bruce! And have some real fun with the game’s jackpot.

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