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Bryan Micon Faces Charges in Nevada

The so-famous for the 2014-2015 Bitcoin poker affair, Bryan Micon will soon gets its justice verdict. Bryan Micon`s ban over getting close to Nevada has been recently lifted. The reason is clear – Bryan Micon is about to face his charges quite soon according to the local court.

We remind you Bryan Micon was arrested for operating a non-licensed casino and poker broker. The website tended to be the only one, where Bitcoin is the official currency. However, during the first months of the gambling page release, Micon was assaulted – or at least according to his own words – by “several scary guys with guns”, who attacked the broker owner in his own home and how have stolen all of his electronic and technology staff. Whether there was a real theft, or Micon has been just hiding the top evidences for his own case, Nevada`s Court will soon understand and use for the case.

Up to now Bryan Micon was hiding in Antigua. Currently, the case is taken by David Chessnoff, who is recognized as a talented advocate in such legal cases. Bryan`s website – Sealswtichclubs, as well as the secondly established SwCPoker.eu – is closed and restricted for usage.

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