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When we talk about online casinos and bonuses, the major complaint that one would hear from the players would definitely be about the so called wagering requirements (or just wagering) which prevent you from withdrawing the bonus money and any money at all immediately after taking it.

The wagering is actually the amount of bets that you have to place before you can withdraw any money out of your account after getting a bonus. This requirement which needs to be fulfilled prior to withdrawing is calculated like this - (Deposit + Casino Bonus) x Wagering Multiplier. The multiplier may vary from one online casino to another and it is stated in the terms and conditions of the bonus offer you are going for. This means that before grabbing a bonus offer, you should take a look at its terms and conditions to see what multiplier is applied so that you don't get surprised. Most beginner players would think this is a form of scam - wagering requirements to fulfill after getting a bonus. However, online casinos are businesses just like any other and, as such, their main goal is to generate profits. If they were giving out bonuses without applying wagering requirements to them, everyone would just sign up and grab the free money, then withdraw and as a result all online casinos would suffer great losses.

For example, if you deposit $10, you get a $10 free casino bonus, and the wagering multiplier of that examplary bonus offer is 10, then your wagering would be calculated like this: (10+10)x10 = $200. Basically, this means that you would need to place bets for $200 before you can withdraw (NOTE: not to lose or win $200 but to place bets for $200). Actually, if you have signed up at a given casino because you want to entertain yourself and play, then you shouldn't have any problems to fulfill the wagering requirements while you are having fun. The bonus wagering is created for those who might just sign up to get the bonus money, then leave and sign up at another casino in order to get another bonus and so on and so forth. In other words, if you are signing up at a casino just to grab some free money, just forget it.

According to the team behind MyCasinoStrategy, the casino bonuses are an excellent opportunity and we recommend you to take advantage of them no matter that the wagering requires you to bet a certain amount before withdrawing. The free money gives you the opportunity to have more fun while you play online gambling games because, with their help, you will be able to play longer, to place higher bets and therefore your chance to win gets higher.

With the help of the bonuses, you will have bigger bankroll and you will be able to try out and take advantage of more of our strategies.

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