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The team behind MyCasinoStrategy has a task to always look for and find the best casino bonuses around for our visitors. For the purpose, we keep an eye the most recent online casino bonus offers and we get the best special casino bonuses for the readers of MyCasinoStrategy. You can use this free money in order to play, practise, have fun and try out our strategies without taking a risk.

We all know that the casino bonuses are very important for every player because this way one gets free money to play with. The bigger your bankroll is, the better your chance to win is because in case of an unlucky streak, you will be able to stand for a longer period and wait for your lucky streak with the help of bonuses. Also, bigger bankroll gives you the opportunity to try out more casino strategies because some of them require bigger bankroll in order to carry them out than others. The casino bonuses boost your bankroll for free, however, there are a few things you need to know about them so that you are prepared.

Apart from the advantages of the bonuses that we mentioned above, there is a disadvantage which you must consider. All online casinos which offer bonuses to their players have got some requirements (terms and conditions) that you need to keep after you get the bonus money. Certainly, the most important and discussed of them is the rule that after you get the free bonus chips, you will need to place a certain amount of bets before you may withdraw anything out of your account. This requirement is called a wagering requirement or just wagering. The wagering requirements may vary from one casino to another but, generally, it works in one and the same way no matter in where you choose to play. You can see the wagering requirements explained here.

As a whole, the team behind MyCasinoStrategy doesn't consider the wagering requirements to be that bad because every player who wants to play and have fun in an online casino shouldn't have a problem to fulfill the wagering requirements for his bonus money. Actually, all you have to do in order to fulfill the wagering is to play and have fun.

After all, bonuses are good for those who want to play and if you are planning to sign up at a casino just to grab the free casino bonus and withdraw immediately after that, then just don't make the efforts.

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