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Cepheus – the new unbeatable poker game

The new poker program Cepheus that was released in the beginning of January this year is claimed by scientists that it is the program at the moment that is unbeatable. It is the perfect program in the field of poker, because it can adapt according to the hand that is dealt.

Do not think that Cepheus wins every hand that is dealt on the table. Actually this is not possible, because there are always several ways to react to the cards that are being dealt. And it can always happen that the other person gets a lucky hand like a pair of aces. The aim of the program is to play the respective hand in the best possible way. That is why it is claimed by scientist that this program is so close to perfection.

Before Cepheus was ready to be placed on the battle field, the program spent two months playing billion billion of variants of hands of Texas Hold`em, which is actually the number of all games that have been played in the poker history.

For doing that, the powers of four thousand computer processors were used. Thanks to all those billion of games that Cepheus have played, it was able to create a database for the cards that were dealt, outcomes and betting decisions. When the education of the program ended, it was calculated that this database contained 11terabytes of information.

The type of poker game that the program plays is heads-up limit hold`em, which was made famous with the book of Michael Craig in 2005 – The Professor, the Banker and the Suicide King. The game is played by two players who bet fixed amounts, and the number of raises that is allowed has a limit.

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