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Craps is a very popular casino game and as such, there are many players who are looking for various effective strategies. There are strategies as to the way to bet, the types of bets to use, different betting systems and etc. There are many players who claim or seem to be able to manipulate the roll of the craps dice and this way roll what they want to in order to win (you may also read our dice control article).

By taking a look at the statistics, we will notice that winning streaks really happen in craps and therefore any player would really want to take as much advantage of that as possible. If you notice a shooter that is on a winning streak, no matter if it is superstition or he is manipulating the dice roll, you should stick with him because he is likely to win again. When a player is in a winning streak, this means that he is lucky and the statistics show that the chance for him to win again is good.

Our craps strategy to detect the winning streaks is all about finding the streaks in the game and take advantage of them. You may well take advantage of someone's losing streak too. Just bet against the craps bet of the unlucky shooter.

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