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Some crapsshooters claim that they can manipulate the outcomes in a game of craps. They can do that by throwing the dice in a certain way which grants them the opportunity to decrease the risk for throwing a losing number.

Of course, there is no way to know what you will throw, for sure, but by practising your dice throwing technique, you may increase your chances to throw 7, for example, when you need it and when you are the shooter. The craps dice throwing strategy we are talking about calls for holding the dice with the desired numbers upwards. Practising your dice control would really prove useful because it may help you raise your chances to win in craps.

Practising your craps dice throwing technique will help you when you are the shooter but you must keep in mind that the casino security overlooking at the craps table will not allow you to place bets only when you are the shooter. Therefore, you need to place bets when you are not the craps shooter also. It is important to observe the other craps players on the table and notice which of them know what they are doing and know how to play craps and then place bets when they are the shooters.

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