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Craps is a dice game which can be played by up to 20 players who place bets on the outcome of a roll or series of rolls of a dice. The players may place bets against the casino or against each other. The rules of the game are not simple because there are many different types of bets and a player needs to know them all in order to play successfully.

1. The goal in craps is the player to bet on a number which will be come out or won't come out on the next roll of the dice.

2. The basic craps play is to place a Pass Line or a Don't Pass Line bet. If you place a bet on the Pass Line, then you will need to roll seven or eleven in order to win. If you place a bet on the Don't Pass Line, you will try to roll three or two. The first roll in a game of Craps is called "Come Out Roll".

3. If your first bet is successful and you win, the payout is 1:1.

4. If you do not succeed to roll 7, 11, 2, 3 or 12, then the amount of your bet will be placed on the value of the rolled dice, which is called "establishing a point".

5. When a point is established you will need to roll the "point" again before a 7 is rolled. In case 7 is thrown, you will lose the amount that you have bet.

6. Once a point is established, the craps player cannot remove his bet from the table.

7. The craps player will have to continue to roll the dice till the PASS/DON'T PASS bets have won or lost.

8. In case there are any remaining bets on the craps table, the throwing of the dice will continue and a new point will be established.

9. There must be a bet on the craps table, otherwise the player will not be allowed to roll the dice.

10. It is allowed to place bets between the rolls of the dice.

11. PASS LINE and DON'T PASS LINE bets are allowed to be placed when the white puck is NOT on the craps table.

You may learn the different types of bets in the game by checking our section - craps types of bets.

In the table below, you may see all available combinations of two dice:







2+1; 1+2


3+1; 1+3; 2+2


4+1; 1+4; 3+2; 2+3


5+1; 1+5; 4+2; 2+4; 3+3


6+1; 1+6; 5+2; 2+5; 4+3; 3+4


6+2; 2+6; 3+5; 5+3; 4+4


6+3; 3+6; 5+4; 4+5


6+4; 4+6; 5+5


6+5; 5+6




As you may see in the table above, there are 36 different combinations out of which 7 has the biggest chance to appear.

You may check out our basic and advanced craps strategy which will help you lower the advantage of the casino and will help you win.

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