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Craps is a very popular game among the casino players around the world. Apart from the strategies that you may find on MyCasinoStrategy, you may also read our craps tips, which will make your game more successful. Following our guidelines will be useful to you and your gameplay. The tips which we have gathered for you will help you play this interesting game better and win more.

1. Always tip the craps dealer!

An important advice for a game of craps is to give tips to the dealer when you are on a winning streak. This will create a pleasant gaming environment and more people will want you to win and will be happy when you win. The environment is very important to somebody who is playing a game with dice. It will give you confidence to take advantage of the game and the winning streaks that are happening.

2. Always know when to stop playing!

A problem of many players is that they do not know when to stop playing and quit. This may cost you a lot because if you are not in a mood to play, you are upset or angry, your bad session will most probably continue and it may even get worse. Very important advice is never to chase your losses and if you are in a bad session you’d better stop playing craps. Only play when you feel comfortable because that’s when you will have your best game.

3. Place bets according to your resources!

During a game of craps, it is very important for every player to know what his resources are and how to use them effectively. A player must never place large bets if he or she doesn't possess enough money to continue the game after that in case of a loss. For example, if you have allocated $1000 for playing craps, you need to place individual bets of not more than $20-$30. This will give you the opportunity to stay in the game for a longer period in case of an unlucky streak. If you've got a balance of $100, for example, you should place bets of $2-$3 (for the same reason).


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