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Disney has forgotten about DraftKings

DraftKings is a well-known gambling website that is fully oriented to fantasy sports betting. Even though a non-recognized page in the beginning, eventually DraftKings has made a strong breakthrough in the sphere and currently it is indeed a very popular arena for making sports bets. Moreover – it was in the beginning of the previous 2014 year, when Disney`s official representatives, as well as those from ESPN Company, have contacted DraftKings`s chiefs for partnership. Both companies represented the biggest hopes behind DraftKings plans, but what has finally happened seems not so close to these plans.

Disney seems to forget about the so promised deal with DraftKings. In the beginning, it was spread around the globe that the animation leader will acquire a huge part of DraftKings. Though, the recently dropped reputation behind DraftKings made Disney to stop the negotiations and to skip the offer they have firstly made. Still, ESPN will keep their promises. In Wednesday this week, ESPN made the deal with DraftKings. The clauses and the details about their upcoming partnership were not disclosed. However, if we look back at the gossips over their collaboration DraftKings will have to spend up to $ 500 millions in order to advertise ESPN properties.

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