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Do you think that poker game is mainly luck or a game that you need skills for?

To tell you the truth there is a great difference between watching a live poker game and a poker game competition on the television. You have expectations that it will be great if you are there and see everything in live, but you will be wrong. You might get a bit disappointed because all that you are able to see is lots of people in a crowded room, wearing sunglasses, moving chips on the table. But thanks to a certain method, introduced by television – small cameras, installed under the table – that give you the chance to see all the cards, all of a sudden this poker game can become quite intrigue for a poker fan.

Rising the interest for televised tournaments, poker websites also became quite popular. At that time, came up legal issues whether poker game should be classified as a game of luck or a game of skills. This of course is not a new issue concerning this type of game; it has been around for as long as the game itself. But in many countries, where games are classified as games of chance, they are illegal or regulated, and rules are not so strict when such games are classified as games of skills. So it is one interesting issue that is still being discussed.

There are different studies and experiments that prove poker game is more a game of luck. There are some factors that support such experiments. One really important, and perhaps the main one, is the human factor. You can always get surprised by human reactions. Even if you have a theory how people act in general, all those theories could be blown away in real situations, especially when people think that they hold a good hand. So if you are trying to be a brilliant poker player, this could really take you quite a lot of time.

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