Favorite Number Roulette Strategy

We’ve got numerous roulette strategies on MyCasinoStrategy.com, but in this article you will find a very effective one. We’ve explained everything you need to do, step by step, so you can try it and see how effective it can be.

Our Favorite Number Roulette Strategy may entertain you for a long time and bring good winnings. This strategy is all about patience… you need to wait for your favorite number to come out. We all have a lucky number, so what’s better than bet on it? Let’s not waste time and see how this roulette strategy works, shall we?

It is carried out with a maximum/recommended balance of $506, but if you cannot afford it, we’ve got you covered. Of course, the lower the balance is, the less time you can stay in the game till your lucky number comes out. To start with, you need to choose a number – it may be your favorite number, a lucky number, latest number that has come out on the roulette wheel (as you know, in roulette it may happen one and the same number to come out a few times in a row). Now that you have chosen your lucky number, you need to place your bets strictly according to the table below. We have calculated everything for you.

Your first bet must be $2 on your favorite number. You have to continue betting $2 till the 27th spin (or until you win, then you start all over again) and then continue according to the table below:

Bet AmountNumber Of Spins
$227 Spins ($2 Each)
$310 Spins ($3 Each)
$48 Spins ($4 Each)
$56 Spins ($5 Each)
$66 Spins ($6 Each)
$74 Spins ($7 Each)
$84 Spins ($8 Each)
$94 Spins ($9 Each)
$103 Spins ($10 Each)
$113 Spins ($11 Each)
$123 Spins ($12 Each)
$133 Spins ($13 Each)
$142 Spins ($14 Each)
$152 Spins ($15 Each)
$162 Spins ($16 Each)

If your number comes out, you will need to start the betting session all over again from the beginning. For example, if your number comes out on the 20th roulette spin with a $2 bet, you will have everything lost till the 20th spin back plus a profit of $35.

This is a very nice roulette strategy because a bankroll of $506 will keep you in the game till the 88th unlucky spin. With the help of luck, and this roulette strategy, you may win $50 per hour. Our tests show that the chosen number would usually come out before the 50th spin. Of course, as you know, roulette is a casino game so your number may not show but we think our chances are pretty good with this roulette strategy. For sure, you will stay in the game for a long time, have a fun and entertaining game.

The roulette strategies you’ve read about in this article are just a part of what we have gathered for you as information about one of the most beloved casino games. Don’t forget to check out our roulette section and read more useful information.

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