Roulette – 666 Strategy

This strategy is also an effective one and it is easy to carry out. Our 666 roulette strategy is all about placing bets on a lot of numbers on the table which makes it a very interesting to play with.

Basically, there will be just four losing numbers for you if you place bets as we will explain below. The roulette wheel has got 36 numbers plus one 0 sector, which makes it 37 in all. With our 666 roulette strategy you need $66 to place a bet in such a way that will leave just 4 losing numbers on the table. Here is how you need to bet:

  • place a bet of $36 on RED.
  • place $4 in between the following numbers: 0 and 2; 8 and 11; 10 and 13; 17 and 20; 26 and 29; 28 and 31 (do not bet on the numbers but on the border between the two numbers). So we add $24 more to the bet.
  • place $2 bet on 3 numbers of your choice. You may choose four roulette numbers out of the following ones: 4, 6, 15, 22, 24, 33, 35. After you choose the three numbers, there will be four numbers left which will be the only losing numbers for you.

If one of the four numbers which you haven’t bet on comes out, then you will lose your bet. In any other case you will get $6 profit.

If you want to make this roulette strategy even more profitable, you may double all bets. For example, you can bet $72 on RED, place $8 between the numbers and $4 bet on three numbers at your choice. This would make your total bet worth $141.

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