Slots – Tips, Facts and Myths

Here is our Slots Top 10 Tips list. These slots tips will help you play better, enjoy the game more and generate more winnings when playing slots:

  1. Do not play progressive slot machines unless you intend to place the maximum bet. Progressive slot machines are only giving out the jackpot if you place the maximum bet possible. If you do not plan to place the maximum bet then you should not play progressive slot machines.
  2. It is recommended that you play either slot machines with big jackpots or slots with high payouts. Due to the lower running costs, the online casinos have higher payout ratio compared to the live casinos and therefore it is recommended to play slots online.
  3. If you hit a jackpot, take your initial bankroll and some of the profit and leave the other aside. When they win, most slots players give out their winnings.
  4. Many slots players make the big mistake to play very fast, to hit the button as fast as they can and to play on multiple slot machines (2 slots and even more). The more slot machines a player uses, the more he is exposing himself to the casino advantage and in the long run this will most probably lead to losing his money faster.
  5. It is always better to divide your bankroll to several gaming sessions instead of playing your whole bankroll in one playing session. You may switch to different games or switch to another slot machine. Playing on one and the same slot machine just because you have put a lot of money in it, would most probably be a mistake because it doesn’t guarantee that the slot machine will hit or will return your money.
  6. Never buy guides or systems claiming that will help you deterimine which slot machine is due to hit the jackpot. Such guides are pure scam since the random number generator of each slot machine determines what the winning combination would be and when it would come out.
  7. Do not leave a slot machine that is paying out a lot because it is most likely that it will continue. Instead, wait for some time and play a few losing slots spins before sitting out.
  8. Do not play on slot machines with high bet limits if you have just a few dollars to play with. Always choose a slot machine with appropriate bet limits according to your bankroll.
  9. Do not sit at the slot machines at the entrance of the casino or at those that are situated in crowded areas. Instead, it is recommended that you play at slot machines that are located in the calm areas of the casino.
  10. Always know when to stop. One of the most important things in gambling, no matter what game you are playing, is the discipline.

Here are some of the most popular and interesting facts and myths about the slots:

  1. The casinos always have the slot machines programmed to payout between 85% and 95% of the money played on them.
  2. The payout percentage of the slots is not affected by the time of the day, the day of the week or month and etc.
  3. The player is not affecting the final outcome of the spinning of the reels in any way.
  4. The slot machines may look the same on the outside but they are different inside.
  5. A slot machine that has had extended play without any significant payouts is considered to be due to hit. Some consider this fact as a myth, others consider it as a truth.
  6. The casinos do not change the slots payout ratio at will depending on the player who is playing. They may keep an eye on certain slots players but they wouldn’t change the settings of the machine because of them.
  7. A myth is that a slot machine that has hit the jackpot, will not hit again for a long time.
  8. The slot machines have numerous microchip processors inside that are constantly generating random numbers and combinations, even when the slot machine is not used.
  9. Casinos usually place the slots machines intentionally. The slots that have lower payout ratio are placed in crowded areas and areas with high traffic.
  10. Some people believe that using cold or hot coins, and old or new ones may affect the outcome of the spin. This is not true and the coin has nothing to do with the random number generator inside the slot machine.
  11. Each and every pull is independent and there is no such thing like a slot machine that is due to hit.
  12. It doesn’t matter whether you pull the handle or you hit the spin button for the outcome of the slots spin.

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