Texas Hold’em Poker Odds

Odds are good to know during a game of poker because they will help you calculate your chances and thus decide what to do in a give situation. If you consider the odds, you will improve your chances to win.

In the chart below, you can see what the chance for a specific hand to be dealt during a game of Texas Hold’em poker is:

1Any Pair5.88%16-1
2Any 2 Suited Cards23.53%3.25-1
3Any 2 Suited Connectors2.11%46.4-1
4Any 2 Offsuit Connectors6.33%14.8-1
5Suited Ace and King0.30%331-1
6Offsuited Ace and King0.90%110-1
7Suited Ace and Queen0.60%165-1
8Suited Ace and Jack
9Offsuited Ace and Queen1.81%54.4-1
10Offsuited Ace and Jack
11Suited Ace and 10 or less2.71%11.3-1
12Offsuited Ace and 10 or less8.14%11.3-1
13Small Pair (two 5s – two 2s)1.81%54.3-1
14Medium Pair (two 10s – two 6s)2.26%43.2-1
15Premium Pair (two Kings, Queens, Jacks)1.36%72.7-1
16Pair of Aces0.45%220-1

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