The Top Reasons To Play Roulette Online

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If you’ve frequented an online casino lately, you’ll know that most platforms are now dominated by slots (this vertical now accounts for more than two-thirds of the iGaming GGY in the UK).

However, table games represent the next biggest contributor to the GGY at 15.8%, while titles such as roulette retain almost cult status amongst seasoned and older casino players.

You can find out more about this game here, but in this post, we’ll appraise the most prominent reasons for playing roulette online.

1. There are Various Iterations of Roulette

At the heart of roulette, there exists three core iterations, namely European, American, and French, each of which boast different rules and potential advantages to individual players.

Beyond this, we have seen even more iterations developed during the digital age, each of which is based on one of the gaming patterns and evolved further to suit online channels.

These variations provide considerable diversity from the perspective of players, with those based around European roulette particularly popular. There’s good reason for this too as this version of the game boasts the lowest house edge at just 2.7%.

Although this may be considerably higher than table game iterations such as blackjack, it is significantly lower than American roulette (which has an estimated house edge of 5.2% and an RTR rate of just 94.84).

While French roulette may offer a slightly lower house edge than the European iteration of the game in some instances (2.63% when specific rules are applied), this version is less accessible in the UK and often not a viable choice for players.

Overall, this enables roulette fans to target specific versions of the game based on European rules, allowing them to strike the ideal balance between optimizing their online gambling experience and improving their chances of winning over time.

Make no mistake; this is something that every single online gambler aspires to in the digital age, and in this respect, roulette offers huge value and appeal to players across the board.

2. You Can Develop and Deploy a Viable Betting Strategy

At its core, roulette is a game of chance, regardless of which iteration you play when gambling online.

This is because random number generators (RNGs) are used to determine individual outcomes, making it impossible to influence results or identify viable patterns and sequences over an extended period.

However, this does not mean that players cannot take steps to minimize losses and optimise their chances of winning, with various betting strategies offering practical help and assistance during real-time gameplay.

More specifically, players can deploy positive or negative progression strategies when wagering on roulette, depending on their expectations, and underlying risk profiles.

Positive progression strategies require players to increase their fixed betting unit with every single win, with this technique preferred by those with a more risk-averse nature and relatively small bankrolls.

Conversely, negative progression strategies compel you to increase your stake incrementally with each consecutive loss, with this representing a slighter riskier approach that requires you to hold a larger and more expansive bankroll.

Often, new and inexperienced players choose to maintain the same stake level and betting unit when starting out, as this arguably makes initial bankroll management easier while respecting the fact that so-called “winning” and “losing” sequences are entirely random.

The most important thing is that roulette provides you with the opportunity to wager according to your own carefully defined strategy, depending on your outlook, risk profile and existing bankroll as a player.

3. Roulette Bets Enable You to Spread Your Risk

Another interesting aspect of roulette is the amount of wagering options that are available to players, which are divided between so-called “inside” and “outside” bets.

Inside bets are so-called before of their location on the inner section of the classic roulette table, while they include options that deliver the highest possible pay-outs but the lowest chance of winning.

For example, you can place an inside bet on one of the 37 (or 38) numbers available on the roulette wheel, with this offering fixed odds and a potential pay-out of 37:1 or 38:1 depending on whether you’re playing European or American roulette.

In contrast, outside bets are located on the outer sections of the roulette table, with these wagers boasting much shorter odds but incrementally lower pay-outs.

These include betting or red or black, with this offering a 50% chance of success and a pay-out of 1:1 (or evens if you would like to use the technical term!).

There are various inside and outside bets, some of which vary slightly in terms of their precise odds and pay-outs. However, the general rule remains the same, so you can tailor your coverage of the roulette table to spread risk and optimise your bankroll management accordingly.

By managing your stake and covering as much of the roulette wheel as possible with each wager, you can optimize your chances of winning and make your bankroll stretch much further!