What is 3 Card Poker?

3 card poker is a simple variation of poker which is a great way to win and have fun without having to consider so many things as in a game of Texas Hold’em, for example. This makes it a very popular game that is loved by many casino players.

The history of 3 card poker leads to a British game called Brag which eventually made its way to the United States where it was called Casino Brag. Later, the name of the game was changed to what we call it nowadays – 3 card poker. The game is considered to have been created by the famous poker player Derek Webb who thought that regular poker was slow and boring sometimes which made him think of a simple and fun version of it. 3 card poker was created in 1994 and was first played in casinos in Great Britain.

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As we mentioned before, 3 card poker rules are simple and every game starts with the dealer shuffling a deck of 52 cards before dealing 3 cards to the player and 3 to himself. There are two types of bets with different payouts in this game – Pair Plus and Ante and the players can place either of them or both. Pair plus is a bet that you will have a pair or better in your cards while the ante bet is a bet against the casino dealer. Each of the bets has got its own payout schedule and players need to consider it before deciding what type of bet to place. You can take a look at our odds and payouts section to get a better knowledge of the payout schedules.

You can read the full 3 card poker rules in our relevant section – start reading our 3 card poker rules and hand rankings article.

Generally, there are no 3 card poker strategies because this game is all about dealing cards and paying out according the the payout schedule and the hand you’ve got. However, we’ve got a strategy for you which will help you decide when to raise and fold.

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