What is Video Poker?

Video poker is a very popular game around the world and you can find it in every casino, no matter if it is a land-based or an online one. Many people like to play this game because it is simple and easy to play and in the same time it requires you to make decisions which really affect your game.

The history of game takes us back to the 1970s when the personal computers appeared, followed by the first video poker machines. They were very primitive compared to the ones that we can see in the casinos nowadays and their screens were black and white. The popularity of the game started to grow when in 1979 SI Redds Coins Machines launched their Draw Poker machine in Las Vegas, Nevada. The game made a hand with the lowest possible pairs a winning hand and therefore players saw a better chance to generate winnings on the game which brought the big popularity of the game in the following years. Nowadays you may find hundreds of different modifications of video poker but the most popular one is called Jacks Or Better.

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Video poker is a type of slot, however, instead of reels it uses cards which the players need to use in order to get the best hand possible according to the hand rankings in the game. Unlike the slot machines, here, the decisions that the players make are very important for the outcome of the game. A game starts with the player choosing a bet and pressing the deal button which makes the machine deal five cards from a deck of 52 cards. Then the player needs to choose which cards to keep (hold) and which cards he wants to get replaced. The video poker machine replaces the cards that the player has decided to get rid of with random cards from the deck. The machine, then, shows whether the player has achieved a winning hand or not and shows the amount that he or she wins in case of a winning poker hand according to the payment schedule of the video poker machine.

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