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Four Women Made Their Run At The WSOP Main Event

After the players at the World Series of Poker Main Event were narrowed from 282 to 97, there were still four women who made their run to the final table. Such thing has not happened since the Moneymaker boom. Daniel Negreanu was eliminated by Kevin Pollack, but he also dropped out of the tournament after that. It was really emotional for Michael Gable who broke down in tears at the Amazon Room, when remembered his mother, who passed away just a couple of months ago. He was put in a situation where another player at the table was not happy with the arrival of his parents. Gable just could not sit there, watching the way that the other man was talking to them. After that emotional conversation, concerning son’s behaviour toward his mother, he could not help himself but crying.

Meanwhile, apart from this drama, four women were trying to reach the final table. Gaelle Bauman entered in the event at Day 3 in the 24th place and finished the day in the eight with 3.98 million. Marcia Topp managed to finish the day with 1.7 million. Vanessa Selbst, who is two times gold bracelet winner, ended the day with 1.165 million. And Elisabeth Hille grabbed the lead, when she finished Day 5 w3ith 3.39 million.

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