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From Trump Taj Mahal to Hard Rock Atlantic: Will the Casino Thrive?

The Trump Taj Mahal might be one of the most popular and luxurious hotel-casinos in the U.S. But the times have changed, and it isn't anymore the way it was. Though there has been no conclusive report as to why the Taj had its pitfall, speculations have it that it might be due to the high cost of maintenance.

Add to the equation the obviously busy schedule Donald Trump has, now being the President of the United States, and you can easily say that it’s doomed. The casino was on the verge of stagnancy because of all these. Fortunately, Hard Rock International entered the scene and vowed to bring back the Trump Taj Mahal back to life.

But this comes at a big cost as it would now be named as the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City. Since the start of July, the company hired hundreds of workers to speed up the Taj’s rebranding.

Now, the glittery Ancient India-inspired theme that once dominated its place is gone. And the transformation continues, speeding up its pace as days pass by. Reports have it that the Hard Rock Atlantic would start its operations next summer.

But it’s still open to speculation as it’s expected to miss the deadline due to the many on-the-spot changes it adheres to. Some of the most significant changes are the disappearance of the six stone elephants that once welcomed the casino’s visitors.

Matt Harkness, Hard Rock Atlantic City president, says that all of the workers are doing something on every minute of the day. He even referred to their pace as moving at a whopping 100 miles per hour, a proof of how they're serious in unveiling the rebranded hotel-casino at the soonest possible time.

Then there’s Jim Allien, chairman of Hard Rock International, who says that Donald J. Trump made a “hell of a theme” on his once-owned property. To prove how accurate this description is, Hard Rock spent over $30 million just to remove its extravagant theme.

As of now, the demolition of the interior buildings is nearing completion. But this comes again at a very big cost as it’s reported that the overall rebranding project would be worth over $500 million.

The company’s spokesperson says that they’re through most of the demolition. And they’re already starting with the building process. There will be two performance arenas in the casino, which will have a 7,000-seating capacity. There will also be over 2,400 slot machines inside its casino.

The Hard Rock Café restaurant will be moved to a more spacious location that features a 400-seating capacity. This will go perfectly with the upgraded stage and panoramic beach view. The Hard Rock Café Atlantic City will encompass a 21,000-square-foot area and will have over 100 staffs to serve its expected larger market.

Though it’s very nice to know that the Taj Majal somehow made it back, there are still those that are saddened by the overall transformation it had undergone. One of these is Joan Gincley of Summit, who says that the once gorgeous and majestic feel of the Taj is now gone.

And it’s not just about the rebranding but the city’s entire gambling landscape is affected as well. A good example of this is the expected decrease in popularity of online casinos and sports betting sites.

Various betting brands, online betting sites and Sports bookmakers’ offerings, such as Freebets.co.uk’s updated free bet no deposit betting offers, would surely experience a slowdown in client usage in the city because people would be more enticed to spend their money on a physical casino that’s good as new as Hard Rock Atlantic.

Whichever the case is, having it rebranded is still way better than seeing it sitting idle and void of meaning. Let’s just hope that the new Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City will survive for decades to come.

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