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Gill And Adrian Bayford Are The Luckiest Couple On Earth

Mr. and Mrs. Bayford are not only the luckiest couple in the United Kingdom, they are the luckiest one on the whole earth. The couple Adrian and Gill from Haverhill, Suffolk has won the £148,656,000 jackpot from the Euro Millions National Lottery. The music shop owner and the healthcare assistant were revealed as the lucky winners of Friday’s Euro Millions draw.

Of course there was a glamorous press conference with many, many photographers to make pictures of the exciting clutching of the giant cardboard cheque. The happy couple does not realize how much the £148,656,000 jackpot really is, but they are making planes to buy a new house and a luxury car. And not to forget the Bayford kids - daddy Adrian an mom Gillian are going to take the little ones on an unforgettable trip to Disneyland and after that on a journey by train in the Canadian Rockies.

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