MARKER - A check which can be written at the gaming tables. Only players that have established credit with the casino may write such checks.

A betting system. For more information, you may read our detailed description here: Martingale Strategy.

MATCH PLAY - A competition system that is used in tournaments, where players play series of games and accumulate points for each game they win. The player who reaches the required number of points first wins the game.
MAXIMUM BET - The maximum amout of money you are allowed to bet.
MECHANIC - A dealer who cheats.
MINI-BACCARAT - A scaled-down version of baccarat that follows the same rules as baccarat but is played with fewer players and dealers.
MINI-ROULETTE - A miniature version of European Roulette with 13 numbers only.
MONEY PUT IN ACTION - The overall amount of bets that a player has placed.