SCARED MONEY - Money that one is affraid to lose or cannot afford to lose.
SESSION - Period of play.
SHARK - A good player.
SHARP - A skilled player.
SHILL - People, working for the casino, who play at the tables just to fill the empty seats.
SHINER - A tiny mirror used by cheaters in order to view unexposed cards.
SHOWDOWN - In poker, the moment when all the player who are still in the game need to show their cards.
SHUFFLING - Mixing of the play cards by using various techniques.
SKIN GAME - In Poker, a poker game with 2+ collusion cheaters.
SOFT HAND - In blackjack, a hand with an ace which is counted as 11.
STACK - A stack of chips.
STIFF HAND - In blackjack, a hand which may bust if hit.
SUIT - One of the types of cards - Spades, Hearts, Diamonds or Clubs.