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Is Singapore Able To Draw Its New Legal Gambling Reality?

Things from gambling sphere have been recently changing in Singapore. To be more specific, let us remind you that in February this year, the local government has accepted and put into force the so-called Remote Gambling Act – RGA – which affects both – sports betting and casino games in internet.

Due to the act all of the betting and gambling operators were given a 6-month period to establish a completely new, legal and appropriate environment in accordance to the new requirements for safety and all of the regulation measures for client`s personal data and financial transaction security. As a result of these, though, dozens of online operators in Singapore were made to close since they could not face the news conditions for legal gambling arena. On the contrary – many of the currently existing gambling and sports betting websites have moved forward and are now into a process to meet the new conditions and to become better in their niche. Such an operator, for instance, is the lottery web page Singapore Pools. It will come into collaboration with the sports betting operator that specializes in horse racing Singapore Turf Club. Both will do business together and will get assistance by one of the most renewed world sports betting site – the UK-based Open Bet website.

Meanwhile, it is curious to know that Vietnam is probably taking example from Singapore and will head the same process of legislation as to the sports betting and gambling sphere. Vietnam is about to create a legal sports betting market and the duration of this process is assigned to be about 5 years. We will keep these two new countries for legal countries at close.

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