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Life Changing Scratch Card Wins

Everyone who gambles has their cheeky little foible. Some gamblers look for free spins and no deposit for a quick and easy game, some play friendly games of cards in the pub and some play the relatively inexpensive scratch cards. Thing is, while you’re unlikely to win much with the first two, every now and then someone hits it big with scratch cards and makes you wonder just what you would do with that amount of money. Well, there’ve been quite a few winners over the years who have landed truly life-changing amounts of money so let’s have a look at some of the winners.

The Good

For some people, the money can prove a massive boon and improves their life a lot. One of these winners, Emma Wildin, landed a million pounds while playing scratch cards and has since found multiple great uses for the money including a new range rover and several days shopping. However, more importantly, they also only spent about 10% of their winnings and used the remaining £900,000 to buy homes to rent out and save for their children. This careful investment has left them better off on the whole and with plenty of free cash to use to spoil the kids (although her husband still goes to work and they’ve tried to keep their old lifestyle so the money can serve as a nest egg). While Emma found a great way to use her winnings, some were not as lucky.

The Bad

An anonymous individual who spoke with Vice had also won a sizeable amount of cash from a Rich for Life Scratch Card which paid out £40,000 a year for the rest of their life. While this was seen as an amazing windfall and the winner quickly told their sons all about their win, offering to buy them presents to make up for the hard times they’d been through, it drew some negative attention too. The winner’s house was robbed by men in balaclavas who threatened their son while looking to steal what they could to make some money. This is compounded by the fact that, as they are now a sole trader, the incoming money is now heavily taxed and effects how much they can make with their business. While a generous win, it’s not proven perfect.


Far from being ugly, this scratchcard won a cool £4 Million for a lucky chef in Wiltshire. Amadou Gillen currently has the UK’s biggest ever scratch card jackpot to his name and he won it in the middle of a 12-hour shift. He’s managed to not let it get to his head too much, he bought a new wardrobe that primarily came from TK Maxx and decided to learn how to drive (while also starting with a Peugeot for now). Amadou’s win is both impressively huge and, so far, has been life-changing in all the right ways as he can now do all the things he’d ever wanted to. Which is the dream, now, isn’t it?

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