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Live Roulette Breathes Life into Your Online Casino Experience

Online punting has come a long way in the last few years. Games that could once only be played on your home computer have now migrated to your mobile phone, tablet or smartphone; and casino games that were recently simply computerised versions of regular casino games have moved up a notch with live-dealer versions.

Over the years, perhaps the biggest complaint that online punters have had about Internet casinos is the lack of human interaction. In many ways, of course this is a good thing; no crowds, no pushy players, no liquored-up buffoons, etc. But part of the allure of a real casino is that jolt of excitement that we get when we walk through the doors and take in the lights, the noises, and the sheer size of it all. In addition, many of us really liked playing blackjack with a real dealer or roulette with a real croupier, as it brought an extra dimension to the game, i.e., the personal touch.

Now, a live roulette game by Eurogrand lets you play roulette with a real, human dealer, who actually spins the wheel and says those famous words, "No more bets." This is not a cartoon dealer or an avatar of a croupier; this is a person who, through the wonders of technology, is actually playing the same roulette game you're playing. Live roulette follows the rules of European roulette (with one zero). Without a doubt, it's the most realistic way to play roulette these days, without shelling out for a plane ticket and hotel reservations.

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