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Macau Operator is About to Close Its VIP Services

Junket Neptune Group is the main owner of the giant and so popular these days operator in gambling and betting world Macau. We all know the website and we all know how adjustable to different players it can be – beginners, advanced and VIP customers find a really good solution for gambling at Macau`s platform.

But VIP clients might soon get out of the page, because Junket Neptune has recently made a statement as to their big losses from the VIP resources they invest and from the almost zero profits they get in return. All of these have made Macau to reconsider its VIP services policy and the most discussed way out of this situation is of course, giving up from these services. VIP customers in Macau, though, have many other interesting options on the market as to their demands, so it will not be a big loss for them.

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