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Marathonbet Has Found an Amazing Partner – Liverpool

Marathonbet is a well-known and quite reputable sports betting website that is based and operated in UK. The broker has been looking for a decent partner for the last few months and it seems that it has finally found it. Liverpool is the one that has been chosen by Marathonbet and the deal is about to be closed.

This partnership is definitely a good thing for both sides. Marathonbet needed to attract someone, who is familiar and loved among British football sphere, while Liverpool, on the other hand, could really appreciate another pack of funds since its financial situation has been lately rumoured not to be quite ok. The deal between Marathonbet and Liverpool is closed for a period of three years. According to the deal clauses the British football team will promote the bookmaker directly on its official stadium. Both companies made short statements about the partnership and they seem to be extremely happy about it.

We will see in future how this deal will work on Marathonbet, which really needed some support from the national football legends, while Liverpool is a team with principles and it seems that the bookmaker corresponds to them fully!

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