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More than one third of players on betting machines have problems with gambling

22.02.2015 | Antoan Tok

According to a resent research, that was released in December, in the end of last year, it is shown that more than one third of people who like playing on betting machines, actually experience a problem with gambling.

The research was sponsored by the Responsible Gabling Trust, and the whole study involved 4,000 gamblers. When the research was over, the results showed the problem with gambling that usually people have is when playing on fixed-odds betting terminals. These machines are also known as the ‘crack cocaine of gambling’, because it is possible to bet £100 every twenty seconds.

According to the results of this research, about 37 % of the people experience a gabling problem with these machines ‘from time to time’ to ‘almost the whole time’. Looking generally, this number corresponds to 0.4% of all adults.

What is also already well known and confirmed by the results, is that the players who frequently visit the UK betting shops, which number is 9,000, are usually not white, jobless and poor. But the revenue that bookmakers get from those betting machines is more than one and a half billion pounds. Results show that this huge revenue comes from the gambling problem of people, who bet about £1,200 per week into the machines, and it is in cash. And this is from a group of people, usually men, who do not have a year income more than ten thousand pounds.

So there is the question, where does this money come from? Adrian Parkinson, former industry executive, said that for a long time there is an argument that the money for betting on the FOBTs come from drug dealers who launder their money, especially the young ones. They quickly become involved with gambling and combine their welfare payments and illicit money for playing on those machines.

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