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It`s Official: Finally, Brazil Gets Immersed Into Sports Betting Legally
By Gambling news team | 16.07.2015

A new era is quite close to appear and be settled among the territory of Brazil. We know how harsh it used to be for Brazilian punters to find a place and chance to make sports bets. Up to know, actually, it was absolutely impossible, because Brazil did not want to legalize sports betting at all.

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Nyx Gaming With New System and Greentube With New Contract
By | 15.07.2015

Two big and good news facts for gambling industry have hit the market. The involved companies are Nyx Gaming, the popular sports betting website Full Tilt and Greentube. First of all, Nyx Gaming has finally launched its brand new software – Open Gaming System. The product, meanwhile, will be tested on the well-known sports operator that is owned by Full Tilt Company.

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An Ordinary Betfred Customer Does Inordinary Things
By | 14.07.2015

Popular sports betting website are specific for the fact that they accommodate all kinds of people – even weird ones. This is the case that has recently hit Betfred broker. The well-known sports operator has a story with the police, where, of course, a punter was involved.

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European Union With a Recommendation For Online Gambling To Germany
By | 13.07.2015

There have been some issues in German online gambling regime. And this is a fact that has not been seen and badly appreciated by the audience only. On the contrary – EU has some special recommendations for Germany. The recommendation comes straight from the Gambling Commission in European Union and it is devoted to an attempt for justifying the regime.

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Yahoo With Huge Plans For Its Gambling Niche
By Gambling news team | 09.07.2015

It seems that the IT giant – Yahoo – is not satisfied enough with the big success up to now it has achieved, because the leading company in the sphere is heading to expand one of its additional niches. Yahoo is planning huge updates for its gambling sphere.

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Is Singapore Able To Draw Its New Legal Gambling Reality?
By Gambing news team | 08.07.2015

Things from gambling sphere have been recently changing in Singapore. To be more specific, let us remind you that in February this year, the local government has accepted and put into force the so-called Remote Gambling Act – RGA – which affects both – sports betting and casino games in internet.

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Romania officially reveals its worst places to gamble
By Gambling news team | 21.07.2015

Romania will become one of the first countries that will generously and carefully list all the national online gambling websites that do not worth it or to be even more specific that seem as scams. The national gambling and sports betting regulation agency – National Office for Gambling or also well-known as ONJN has already its blacklist with online gambling pages!

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Cherry AB Purchases Huge Stake Share From Almor Holding Limited
By | 06.07.2015

Cherry AB is a giant gambling operator that specializes in both – sports betting and live casino games – and that is based in Sweden. The Swedish company has recently announced that it is about to make a huge acquisition and it seems that it will keep its promise. What Cherry AB is oriented to, of course, is a company from the same niche – Almor Holding Limited, which as you know quite well, is also an online operator that is located in Malta.

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Mohegan Sun is Taking an Online Casino Course To South Korea
By Gambling news team | 03.07.2015

Mohegan Sun – the well-known and popular in the online gambling sphere Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority (MTGA) – is heading to conquer South Korean market. The plans that MTGA has drawn for the next few months is to make resort casino in the region with a massive idea to present a modern and stylish way to play gambling games.

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BetFred With Record Turnover Numbers
By Gambling news | 02.07.2015

Annual reports for turnover made by the best and the most leading casino and sports betting operators are always signs either of success, or of a recent surprising drop. The surprise came with the annual BetFred report, as well, but it was more of a positive surprise.

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Aston Villa With Two New Sports Betting Website Partners
By Gambling news team | 01.07.2015

Sports betting website always needs a good partner that will not be a sponsor only, but also a good advertising channel. And the big abundance of so many online sports bookmakers makes it difficult for each among them to beat the competition. So choosing a renewable sports sponsor is a must.

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The Big Gambling Company – Mansion Group – With a Good Sports Sponsoring Deal
By Gambling news team | 30.06.2015

Mansion Group is a giant gambling company that focuses on both – casino games and sports betting. The company is behind the operation and the ownership of the three main leaders in the sphere. It holds Mansion, Betvictor and Ladebrokes websites. Currently, though, the company has been suffering from lack of enough sponsoring funds. The problem, though, seems to be finely solved by the big gambling company of Mansion Group.

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Italian PokerStars Gets Updates
By Poker news team | 29.06.2015

Some good news for Italian poker and casino lovers – the Italian version of the so popular gambling website PokerStars gets some cool updates. According to the official representatives from the company, the additions that will be brought to the local page will be really cool.

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William Hill gets out of Portuguese gambling market
By Gambling news team | 26.06.2015

A completely new regime is heading Portugal as to gambling industry. As a result of this, Estonia has decided to follow these new steps into making gambling sphere a bit more practical, efficient and safer.

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Disney has forgotten about DraftKings
By Gambling News | 25.06.2015

DraftKings is a well-known gambling website that is fully oriented to fantasy sports betting. Even though a non-recognized page in the beginning, eventually DraftKings has made a strong breakthrough in the sphere and currently it is indeed a very popular arena for making sports bets. Moreover – it was in the beginning of the previous 2014 year, when Disney`s official representatives, as well as those from ESPN Company, have contacted DraftKings`s chiefs for partnership.

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