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Online advertisement was banned due to the reason for promising 100% certain success

In the Internet space until recently, there was an online ad, presented on the website streetwisenews.com/50k, which actually promised one hundred guaranteed success of winning money on gambling, when using this certain scheme for getting rich. The calculations of the author of this scheme were that a person could win about £50,000 a year. The regulator banned the online ad really quickly after it was published.

‘George’ as the author is called there, said that he had discovered a way for winning money on gambling whenever he wants and as much money as he needs. He claimed that using this scheme, a person could win at least £980 per week and £ 50,000 per year.

A reader of the site complained that the author’s claim is misleading, so the Advertising Standards Authority took some quick measures. According to the Authority, this ad was socially irresponsible, due to the reason that it presents gambling as a way of living, as a way for having a regular part-time job and achieving financial stability.

The ad said that the author of the scheme was using it as an alternative income, and after some time he was able to retire, without worrying about the money, because he won enough for his living in the coming years.

ASA was worried because readers could be really mislead that gambling could be the answer of their financial problems as an alternative way of working and achieving financial security. And all that was in breach of the code.

So the ASA banned the ad that it can not appear in the Internet in this current form. And it gave a warning to the publishers to stop making unsubstantiated claims about a guaranteed success when gambling.

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