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Online Roulette is an Exciting Way to Win Real Money

Few gaming experiences are as thrilling as the adventure of spinning the famous roulette wheel. Though it is always fun to play in the comfort of a luxury entertainment complex in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo or Shanghai, in 2019 there are also amazing roulette experiences to discover online.

Did you know that the word roulette comes from the French word for little wheel? Historians suggest the first modern roulette experience took place in 1796 at the luxury casino known as the Palais Royale in Paris.

To win a game of roulette, players place bets on a single number, groups of numbers, traditional colors of black and red, odd or even number selections, or low (1–18) or high (19-36). The croupier then spins the wheel, setting the balls off spinning in the opposite direction. The numbers that the balls settle on once the roulette wheel has come to a stop are the winning numbers. Because there are so many ways to gamble on a live or online roulette game it’s one of the most enjoyable and satisfying gambling experiences available.

One of the coolest things about online gambling options today is that there is a unique gaming experience to suit every type of gamer. Whether you want to play a live video roulette game with an actual dealer, or experience the thrill of an animated version, it’s a great time to gamble online. If you’re looking for a guide to some of the best online roulette sites, you can check the recommendation list of bestcasinosites.net.

How to Play Roulette

Most online roulette sites offer a variety of roulette games. The three classic types of roulette are European, French and American. These three should constitute the base of any good roulette site, combined with a variation of high and low stake games. These days, there are also many more innovative roulette games out there, such as Multi Wheel and Pinball Roulette.

When you are picking an online roulette site you should check that it is legitimate and safe to play on – you are after all spending your money there. At the footer of the page the online casino should clearly display a logo that links through to their gaming license. If you can't see a license, you can't trust the site, so it is best to find another one. Check out reviews to discover player favorites and find the right site for you.

The rules for playing roulette online are basically the same as if you were playing at a casino. First of all, you'll need to pick out your numbers from the betting grid. This grid is normally composed of three vertical columns with twelve horizontal rows. You can choose to make an inside bet or an outside bet. Inside bets typically have higher odds than outside bets, because they are wagered on either a single number or a small group of numbers inside the grid. In contrast, an outside bet can be placed on a larger group of numbers, from 12 to 18. Many online casinos also allow players to make other types of special bets too, such as neighbor and call bets.

Your choice of bet is completely down to personal preference. This is the point where strategy becomes important, whether you're playing online or at a casino. Players can wager more than one bet of any type on the same game. Typically, a player might place a high stakes bet and then hedge this with one or two low stakes bets. This allows the player to stay in control of their bankroll while also chasing a big win.

Online roulette can be played on mobile and desktop, although both options have their pros and cons. Playing roulette on a mobile is great when you're out and about, but you won’t find quite as many gaming options as on a conventional desktop setup. Playing on a computer usually offers the most immersive experience, particularly when playing with a live dealer table.

There are a number of clear advantages to playing roulette online. You can choose the type of game you want to play and you won't have to wait around for other players. Players who are new to roulette can try out free demos to get a feel for the game. These demos are also useful for experienced players who want to try out different strategies.

Online Roulette is Extremely Popular Online

If you’ve never checked out online roulette, what are you waiting for?

With so many incredible game variations to explore from the world’s top gaming companies there are massive prizes to be won. Be bold and conquer new heights in online roulette today.

It is important for all gamblers to play responsibly. Those interested in safer gambling practices and technology will be happy to learn that the international gaming community is heavily invested.

Responsible online gaming is a relevant topic worth considering if you are new to digital roulette. The 2020 Discovery (Responsible Gambling Council) Conference will offer new insights around technologies which support responsible online gambling trends and use cases.

Check out one of the incredible online roulette games available today!

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