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Operation: Safe Cracker – The New Promotion At Pala Casino

There is a new promotion at Pala Casino Resort and Spa, called Operation: Safe Cracker promotion and it is free to play. Each player has the opportunity to win a share of the big prize, which is $150,000. The only condition for the player is to have a Privileges Club card that is offered for free at the Privileges Casino Center.

Once at every 24 hours all the participants can play Operation: Safe Cracker for free. For each selected digit, they can win from one to thirty-five entries, for every combination of digits, which are correct, they receive from 40 to 60 additional entries in the game. This promotion starts on June 25 and will be until July 22. And the grand prize of the Operation: Safe Cracker will be held in the evening on Wednesday, July 25. But there are so many great opportunities for winning every day.

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